Waiting for the new arrival

So to provide a little balance in my posts, I wanted to share the following as our cast of characters will be adding a new bundle soon.


Referred lovingly as “Monkey-Shark” by Boo, our newest little bundle will be arriving within the next couple of weeks at the latest.  So now the full rounded out family will include me, N, D, Boo and Monkey-Shark.  Although in thinking about it, I forgot to include the four-legged baby we adopted last year – Riley.  Plus Roomie, our wonderful roommate without whom I would get very little yard-work done and who is a great help with Boo and dishes.

It has been an interesting journey being faced with the prospect of having two new little ones in my life at the same time.  For the first 16 years or so, it was just D and me.  I gotta say, having two under the age of 3 at the same time is a little terrifying, even though I have a wonderful partner in N to help take care of and raise them.

But any anxiety aside, I am impatient to meet Monkey-Shark.  Already she is developing her own personality quirks that are very different from Boo and I am curious to see what Boo thinks once the new baby arrives.  It is a real joy to get to experience everything that goes on with pregnancy, not just once but twice.  (D’s mother and I broke up near the start of her pregnancy so I didn’t get so spend as much time with her as I have with N).

The house isn’t ready.  There are sockets still unprotected, corners that need covered.  Some of the cabinet locks have been lost or broken or stolen by Boo to be used as instruments.  I still haven’t put Monkey-Shark’s crib together.  Lord knows my pocket-book isn’t ready for another baby.  But in the end, those are all things that can be overcome.  If life has taught me anything it’s that not giving up is what matters.  Because while Love wins, sometimes it takes a while and life looks pretty bleak in the meantime.  That’s why I won’t stop loving ANY of my children.  D, Boo or Monkey-Shark.  I still believe in you and I still love you….



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