December 2009

Okay so it was supposed to be a book of the month club… how about books of the year???  So currently my son is enjoying a book about vikings.  What is it about being 12 and boyish and being excited about giants and trolls and sailing the high seas for adventure and plunder?  Of course I can’t say a whole lot… I’m 32 and it still sounds fun.

Me?  I’m reading a number of things at the moment.  There’s Dante’s Inferno, Milton’s Paradise Lost, Chaucer’s Tales…and yes, I actually am reading all of them.  But the book I’d throw out for this month is actually more of a series.  I LOVE alternate history and Eric Flint is one of the greats in the genre.  My favorite series of his is the 1632 series.  The latest is the Dreeson incident and raises the interesting question of how far can one go in perpetuating ones goals…  Fun stuff!


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