February 2009

So we’re still working our way through Mark Twain’s The Prince and Pauper together (…and probably will be for a while), but my son and I have moved on to bigger and better things.

My son has started reading the Diary of A Wimpy Kid series and has absolutley devoured them.  He finished the entire 13 book series of Unfortunate Events last month and this month has basically finished the Diary series…I’m gonna have to find bigger books or longer series’.

My book reading for the month has been much more limited.  I basically have read (been reading) two books this month.  The first has been a new translation of the Bible broken down into daily readings so that by the end of the year, (if you read one a day), you will have read the entire thing.  The second has been the new Star Wars book – The Force Unleashed.  There is an interesting parallel here in that both books deal with light and dark and I’m particularly struck by something the main character in Star Wars asks at one point, “Is there no hope for someone once they’ve turned to the Dark side?  Can they never return?”  Fortunately for us the Bible tells us there is Hope.

The Force Unleashed.jpg

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