Moles in spirit

So I did my good “mole” deed for the day.  I was out walking around the campus where I work and as I was passing the president’s house I saw something struggling to climb the yellow painted curb that was smaller than the 12 can of soda I had with me.

As I approached closer I saw that it was a juvinelle mole –


Somehow it had crawled up out from the earth of it’s birth and become lost and scared in this strange land of sound, light and motion.  I wrangled a box from a passing florist (*NOTE: No florists were harmed in the shaping of this story) and coralled the youngster into it.  Taking him over to the big field next to the chapel I set him free next to the roots of a tree and waiting patiently until he’d buried himself under several inches of earth.  I wondered then and now, how his travel would affect him and what it would be like to go back after having expeiernced something so different.

I can share the sentiment.

I’m begining to take steps on a spiritual journey that began several decades ago…and one which was suspended whilst I went off to the surface, to drown in the lights/sounds/motion around me.  Birth is never an easy process.  It’s messy, complicated and painful.  But out of it comes something beautiful, or at least so I believe.

As I walk this walk, as I learn to be honest with myself and those around me, as I begin to accept who and what I’m called to be, as I strive to develop healthy relationships, I feel like a newborn.  Newly born to a life full of possibilities, one that wouldn’t have been available to me had I not taken the path I chose.  I’m not saying one was better or worse than the other.  But the opportunities I have now are very different than what they would have been.  The question I’ve been putting off was whether or not I was going to take advantage of them.

I hope someone is watching over me as I am birthed back to the world I belong in, keeping me safe and wondering what I’ll do next.